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Make Design Modifications Directly on STL, Scanned and CAD Data

3-maticSTL offers design modification, design simplification, 3D texturing, remeshing, forward engineering, and much more, all on an STL level and other more advanced file formats.

With 3-maticSTL you can:

  • prepare your data for a quick and efficient finite element analysis;
  • design or repair missing or badly scanned components;
  • efficiently create textures, perforations and patterns on your STL data. Start from a 3D bitmap to be converted into textures or from a single pattern element to design an elaborate 3D patterning;
  • design impressive lightweight structures that lower weight without compromising on strength or that allow you to create variable flexibility and rigidness within a part;
  • efficiently change your design so that it can be tested in a wind tunnel

3-maticSTL 10.0


We continually improve our software, taking your suggestions into account. 3-maticSTL 10.0 offersextended texture and patterning possibilities, such as new positioning options, as well as advanced control over the thickness and porosity of lightweight structures. In addition, this release encompassespoint-based and contour scan strategies for structures. You can also perform more sophisticated analyses thanks to an improved link to FEA.

New key features and improvements

  • Design structures with a gradient thickness, that is linear or image-based
  • Calculate the structure’s porosity and define a good set of parameters
  • Validate the structures by creating a compatible FEA structure model and export to FEA
  • Improve the mesh quality with a single click
  • Design a random pattern based on the mesh, or try out the new spiral pattern
  • Control the texturing and patterning alignment with the new easy align tools
  • Export buildable STL files or complex designs in other file formats, for point or contour scanning in AM machines

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