AltiVix Adarian Money Mobile

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AltiVix Adarian Money Mobile

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Adarian Money is a full-featured personal finance utility that helps you take control of your money. From budget and expense tracking to investment management, Adarian Money and its mobile counterpart provide the tools you need to stay on top of your finances, no matter where you are. Customizable reports, payment reminders and support for multiple accounts and currencies are just some of the features that make Adarian Money one of the most flexible and comprehensive finance management software solutions available. New with version 5.0 comes expansive support for investment portfolios and activities such as buying and selling stocks, options, and securities.

  • Track all your transactions with ease using user-defined categories, templates and scheduled transactions
  • View customizable reports to better understand your finances and plan your expenditures accordingly
  • Quickly and easily manage your budget with support for varying monthly budgets and helpful reminders when you’re nearing a limit
  • Synchronize Adarian Money for Windows Mobile with your PC (Adarian Money for Windows required) to manage your finances more easily
  • Create and manage different accounts for your checking, savings, credit card, and more
  • Features
  • System Requirements
 Transaction interface screenshot showing deposits and withdrawals in various accounts
  • Keep a log of all your financial transactions, analyze your income and expenses
  • Enter data with split transactions, sub-categories, customizable transaction types, payees, classes, check numbers, and more
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Save time with templates and auto-fill for easier data entry
  • Schedule repeating transactions with alarms to make sure that you never miss a payment
Investments screenshot showing stock purchases and sales
  • Track all of your investment activities, including buying, selling, shorting, dividends and transferring for securities and options
  • Access various reports to view your current holdings, portfolio value, realized/unrealized gains, and investment performance
  • Manage stock options conveniently with automatic vesting or expiration when the time comes
Accounts screenshot for credit card showing recent charges
  • Create and manage multiple accounts for checking, savings, credit cards, or cash
  • Assign account limits to receive a warning when you are nearing overdrafts or credit limits
  • Easily reconcile your accounts and make balance adjustment
  • Close inactive accounts while keeping their data in archive for future reference
Reports screenshot of a color bar-graph showing income and expenses
  • Keep track of past and upcoming bills in calendar form
  • Compare month-by-month income-to-expense budget reports
  • Quickly summarize your accounts and transactions with auto-generated charts
  • View and customize 14 different reports to analyze your finances the way you want
Budget worksheet screenshot with spending categories in the rows and months in columns, spreadsheet style
  • Create unique budgets for each month
  • Organize your budget into customizable categories
  • Choose to automatically roll over budget surpluses into the next month
  • Receive notifications when you have surpassed your budget as a whole or for individual categories
Data Sync
  • Synchronize Adarian Money for Windows with its counterpart on Windows Mobile to manage your money no matter where you go
  • Share a single database among multiple family members using the family sync function
Calculator screenshot
Other Features
  • Supports data encryption to protect your data
  • Built-in loan calculator and compound interest calculator


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