Anonymizer Nyms

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Anonymizer Nyms

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Anonymizer Nyms

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  • Anonymizer Nyms

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Nyms (from pseudonym) are alias email addresses that give you the freedom to register on Web sites without giving out your true email account. If a Web site requires an email address to get information, just create a nym. If you ever start receiving spam to that Nym, simply turn it off.

Use Anonymizer Nyms for activities like shopping, newsgroups, or logins-anyplace that requires online registration. The quick and easy way to get the online information you need.



Total Network Security

  • All Anonymizer Nyms are routed through our secure servers, thus ensuring your personal email address remains private and secure. In addition, no third parties have access to any information about our customers or their email activities.


  • Web-Based Interface- Accessing your Nyms account is easy: With our Web-based Interface, your Nyms are always available, and can be accessed from any computer.
  • Routed directly to you: You select the email address where you would like to receive your Nyms messages, so it's no longer necessary to login to multiple email accounts.

Proprietary Email Address Rerouting Technology

  • Anonymizer developed, maintains, and has sole control over the proprietary technologies that route your emails through our secure servers.


  • Simple to use, create a Nym email alias address in no time.
  • Easy to enable/disable an address at any time.
  • Fully functional email addresses that can send (up to 5MB) and receive emails and attachments (up to 2MB).



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Windows 2000/XP

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