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Anonymizer Universal is a state-of-the-art anonymity service that keeps your online universe private' secure' and anonymous.

This softwre takes Anonymous Surfing to the next level giving you the ultimate in online protection from home or when using Wi-Fi' anytime and anywhere you connect. Ease-of-use' faster surfing' a powerful VPN tunnel' and Anonymizer's proprietary technologies combine to keep your online activities-email' surfing' chat' all the things you do online-private and secure on your computer and iPhone


Total Network Security

All Anonymizer Universal's servers and authentication procedures are completely secure and can only be accessed by Anonymizer. No third parties have access to any information about our customers or their Web surfing activities. In addition' all of our Home User IP addresses are located within the United States.


  • Universal compatibility across platforms-Mac' iPhone' and Windows
  • Secure mobile Internet access from your iPhone
  • Concurrent logins that allow you to be protected on your iPhone and computer simultaneously-whenever and wherever


Powerful encrypted L2TP/IPSec VPN connection and tens of thousands of untraceable rotating IP addresses combine for the ultimate protection for all your online activities' from Web browsing to email and chat.

The advantages of L2TP/IPSec VPN technology include:

  • An encrypted tunnel for all of your Internet traffic as it travels to Anonymizer's secure servers
  • Confidentiality and security as your data and personal information travel the Web
  • An extra layer of protection for your Wi-Fi no matter where you connect
  • All ports* and protocols secured (*outgoing mail port 25 is blocked)
  • Proprietary IP Rotator Technology
  • Trialed and tested Anonymizer IP Rotator technology guarantees your anonymity every time you connect online
  • Each day' your computer's IP address gets replaced with a different' anonymous IP address
  • Your daily' anonymous IP address comes from a pool of tens of thousands of U.S. IP addresses that are ordinary and untraceable


  • Simple installation
  • Easy-to-use ON/OFF interface
  • Seamless connection


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