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CAD6 Studio 2013

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CAD6 Studio is the professional 2D/3D CAD program of the CAD6 series with all kernel functions and plug-ins for planning, construction, and visualization. Beside a 2D drawing area the program provides 3D spaces to create and edit 3D components. Import/export filters for DXF, DWG, SHP, DBF, CSV, HP-GL/2, SVG (export only), WMF, EMF, and bitmaps (e.g. JPG and PNG) are also included.

In addition to comprehensive dimensioning commands (incl. incremental/datum dimension) and trimming functions (rounding, chamfering, notching, etc.) the program features a construction aid and commands to create surfaces and contours which allow to create complex constructions in no time. For illustrative applications there are commands for color gradients, textures, text allignment, colors manipulation as well as special curve commands. All programs of the CAD6 series are 100% data-compatible.

Basic Functions of All CAD6 Versions:

User Interface
- Workflow Manager for fast and easy operation
- Supporting the standard Windows user interface
- High performance and stability
- Direct data exchange via clipboard
- Identical file format in all editions
- Working in up to 5 concurrent views
- Working in multiple drawings concurrently
- Overview window
- Popup menu
- Toolbox window, scalable
- Easily accessible block window, pen list window, layer list window
- Guide window, property window
- "Least Recently Used Drawings"-list
- "Least Recently Used Commands"-list
- Multiple-monitor support
- Customizable keyboard assignment
- Key shortcut display in menus
- Entry of terms and units in edit fields

- Arbitrary zoom (area / page / overview)
- Zoom undo with 50 levels
- Independent grids for positioning and display
- Support for isometric and dimetric input
- Use of Bézier curves

- Scalable print-out, automatic fit-to-page, automatic page size selection
- Multiple page printing for large drawings
- Section printing
- Optional printing of markings, Construction Aid, bitmaps
- Output accuracy up to 2540 dpi
- Use of Bézier curves

Available Object Types
- Lines, tangent, polyline, polygon
- Circle, circular arc, circular sectors, circular segment

- Up to 2000 layers with hierarchical naming structure
- Options "Display", "Print", "Freeze", "Ignore",
- Independent properties for display and output

File Handling
- References to external drawing files
- Utilization of CSV and DBF databases
- Import of: MKD, MKL, WMF, EMF, BMP, GIF, TIF, JPG, PNG, MPG, TVG, T2G, T3G, T4G, TVL, T2L, T3L, T4L,
- Export of: MKD, MKL, WMF, EMF
- Text-based file format, editable
- Creation of high-quality PDF files with transparency, all color models, and layers using the optional

CAD6 PDF Printer
- Ellipse, elliptical arc, elliptical sector, elliptical segment
- Complex curve and surfaces with lines, Bézier curves and circular arcs
- Spline, automatic freehand line
- Eraser, marking
- Line-based and block-based hatching

Object Handling and Modification
- Object selection by clicking and via window
- Search for texts and properties
- Selection via texts and properties
- Automatic snap function with visual feedback
- Snapping of current input data
- Orthogonal mode with custom angles
- Undo with up to 1000 levels
- Copy, move, rotate, scale, distort
- Internal cut/copy/paste via system clipboard
- Multiple copies (circle, line and array)
- Moving of definition points
- Stretch, compress
- Change display order of objects
- Group / ungroup
- Trimming, round edges, chamfer edges
- Custom line end styles and line joins
- Generation of surfaces out of separate objects
- Copying of object properties

Dimensioning and Coordinate Systems
- Half-associative dimensioning (length, distance,
- Editable tolerances
- Up to 50 coordinate systems
- Different scales and units within a drawing


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