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Corel Grafigo 2013

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Enhanced! Drawing Assistance

Corel Grafigo 2 provides New drawing aids, such as line straightening and alignment, symmetry recognition and snapping, that convert the shapes you draw into perfect forms. New shapes include arrows and trapezoids.

New! Grab-It

Cut out content from any application or Web site and bring it directly into Corel Grafigo 2, with only a couple taps of your pen.

Enhanced! Real-time Collaboration

Through Microsoft® Peer-to-Peer technology or Microsoft® NetMeeting®, Corel Grafigo 2 lets you collaborate with colleagues over the Internet, in real time. Changes made in one person's version of Corel Grafigo 2 can be seen immediately by all members of the collaboration session, saving time during group projects, brainstorming sessions and whenever input is required from multiple sources.

Enhanced! Onionskins

A revolutionary way to review graphically rich projects, Onionskins are transparent overlays that let you add comments or changes to a graphic or drawing without altering the original. Onionskins are reusable and can be sent to another person. With Corel Grafigo 2, you can now show, hide, lock and unlock Onionskins, and use multiple Onionskins that overlap one another so you can view them independently.

Enhanced! Underlays

You can now move, resize and delete underlays, including importing multi-page documents as separate underlays, which are then automatically added to the View Manager toolbar for easy access. With Corel Grafigo 2, you can import documents from any program installed on your Tablet PC that supports standard Windows OS print functionality.

Enhanced! Library Toolbar

The New Library toolbar replaces the Symbols palette, allowing you to create reusable content from underlays, Onionskins, text frames and ink strokes, and organize content more easily with a New, intuitive workflow.

New! E-mailing Documents

E-mail documents directly from Corel Grafigo 2.

Enhanced! View Manager

Save specific views while you're working and access them at any time using the View Manager toolbar

New! Slide Shows

Save views as a slide show and open them in an SVG viewer. For multi-page documents, Corel Grafigo 2 also provides navigation controls that let you navigate through the views you've defined.

New! Navigator

View document contents and navigate in documents more easily. Use the Navigator to pan to any area of the workspace with a tap of the pen, or auto-pan to move the document view in the direction you drag a selected object.

Enhanced! Ink Strokes

Resize and rotate ink strokes, and use the New Local Eraser tool to erase portions of an ink stroke.

Enhanced! Content Selection

Use the Pick and Lasso tools to select ink strokes, text frames and underlays with a tap of the pen, and grab anywhere within a selection to move the selected content. Plus, select and move content around the workspace with a single motion using the New Pick tool.

New! Export Preview

Preview documents before you export them.

New! Exchange Information Between Programs

Copy selected ink strokes from Corel Grafigo 2 and paste them into another program that supports ink. Or take selected ink strokes from a program that supports ink and insert them into Corel Grafigo 2.


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