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Home Accountz Box

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new product: Home Accountz 2012.

Home Accountz 2012 adds an amazing innovation to our current version of Home Accountz: the Eazy Button.

Home Accountz Features Include:

  • The Eazy Button™ - Really, Truly, Eazy!
  • Rapid Data Entry System ™ - for power users
  • Manage your income and expenses
  • See your total financial worth
  • Eazy budgeting for your future
  • Forecast your bank balances
  • Automate your direct debits
  • Import bank and credit card statements
  • Manage multiple currencies
  • Lifetime forum answers and support
  • And lots more...


Order today. If you are a registered Personal or Home Accountz user please wait for our direct contact or telephone us

RRP £39.00

Introducing The Eazy Button

Everyone needs to keep track of their income and outgoings these days, but not all of us know how to do that effectively. So enter our unique Eazy Button. For the first time ever in home accounting software you are now guided step by step.

Home Accountz Eazy Button Image

Everything With A Few Clicks

Whether you are buying something, selling something, recording transfers of money or direct debits, the Eazy Button tells you what to do. It even creates the transactions for you so all you need to do is point and click and enter simple things like how much you paid.

Home Accountz Eazy Steps Image

No Thinking Required

There are many processes involved when tracking money, and whilst setting up a spreadsheet is simple for some, others find it frustrating. Knowing what equations to put where. Trusting that your algorithms will cover new transactions as you add them. With Home Accountz 2012, you won't need to know any of those things. If in doubt, hit the Eazy Button and relax.

Power Users Included

Of course, some of us demand the power that comes with knowledge, so don't worry, we have you covered as well. If you want to graph your income and expenses, reconcile your bank and credit card accounts, automate direct debits and standing orders, Home Accountz 2012 does that too.

Charts and Graphs

Home Accountz 2012 includes Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Line Charts and Area Charts that can be defined in different series and by line or point.

Home Accountz Chart Image

Filters and Views

You can create new Views, name and save them, so in future a single click will let you view your data the way you want to see it, defining the columns you want, the chart style, the date range, even the data, sort and column order you want. Powerful stuff.

Transactions Galore

You can add all your transactions manually or import them from your bank or credit card account (if they have download options). You can also automate your direct debits, standing orders and direct credits (e.g. for your salary, pension, tax credits etc.). 

Saving For The Good Times

And with a budgeting section, you can budget for individual things like holidays and also for general expenditure like food and fuel. If you know roughly what your income is, include that too and get the bigger picture looking ahead..

Where Are You Now?

With a single click you can see all your balances in a single view. Know exactly how much credit you have, how much your current expenditure is. Add in your house, car and other asset values and know your Net Worth immediately.

Where Will You Be?

Use the forecast view to check your ins and outs and see if you are going to go overdrawn in the future. It's as simple as a single click. You can structure your accounts any way you like too. That means you can group all your house contents together for an instant insurance valuation. Home Accountz 2012 can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.


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