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HyBlue IceLockEZ Data Security

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HyBlue IceLockEZ Data Security

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  • HyBlue IceLockEZ Data Security

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HyBlue IceLockEZ Data Security provides a fast, easy way to encrypt documents and data files, including email, so that thieves can't access sensitive data on stolen laptops. IceLockEZ uses unique, patent-pending technology that locks thieves out.


Local Monitoring
IceLockEZ monitors user activity, looking for signs of hacking, like multiple login attempts. When IceLockEZ senses a hacker it shuts down access to your protected files until you re authorize access from HyBlue's website.

"The true cost of laptop theft…stems from losing sensitive customer data or business plans…" The Wall Street Journal

Remote Lockdown
When stolen systems connect to the Internet, IceLock remotely deletes or shuts down access to encrypted files based on your individual settings.

The Easiest Way to Secure Sensitive Data
IceLockEZ keeps sensitive data secure without you becoming a security expert. Combining AES 256 bit encryption with HyBlue's patent pending security management system, IceLockEZ ensures your data is protected regardless of where your laptop is. For added security, you can delete your data if your laptop is lost or stolen!

Easy to Setup
IceLockEZ is installed in under 5 minutes without any technical jargon. After installation, copy sensitive files into the IceLock data vault and your data and identity are protected.

Easy to Use
IceLockEZ's data vault can be as large as 5GB to hold all your sensitive data. The data vault appears to be a regular disk drive when you are logged in; it is hidden when you are not. Automatically loaded when you log in, the data vault lets you open files directly from your programs like Word, Excel, Quicken or TurboTax.

Web Management
IceLockEZ's web based management portal makes it easy to reset passwords and manage security settings. You control IceLock's protection and recovery from HyBlue's website. Login and you can:

  • Reset your password
  • Recover from multiple login failures
  • Set password failure policy
  • Mark laptop as lost or stolen
  • Set lost laptop data destruction policy


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  Windows 8/7, Vista, XP (Service Pack 3). DirectX 9 trở lên.

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