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LoJack Standard

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LoJack Standard

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  • LoJack Standard

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Computrace LoJack for Laptops by Absolute Software is a software-based theft recovery and data security service. In the event of theft – LoJack for Laptops can track, locate, and recover stolen computers while providing you with the ability to protect your personal information against identity theft



heft Recovery

  • In the event of theft, contact us. The next time your computer connects to the internet, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team will forensically mine it to determine who has your computer. Then we will work closely with local law enforcement to recover and return your property to you.


  • Use the latest GPS or Wi-Fi technology to track your computer on an internet map, including current and historical locations. Note: Standard edition is limited to IP address information only.

Data & Device Security

  • If your computer is missing, Absolute Software's Data Delete service can be used to remotely delete all of your personal and sensitive files from the hard drive. Everything an identity thief would need to steal your identity. You can also limit access to your computer by remotely freezing your computer and displaying a custom message to the user.

Advanced Technology

  • The technology behind Absolute Software’s products is the Computrace Agent, a small software client that is embedded into the BIOS firmware of most computers at the factory. Or you can easily install yourself. The Agent in your computer maintains daily contact with the Absolute Monitoring Center. If you report your computer stolen, Agent contact will increase to every 15 minutes. Increased contact allows Absolute Software to obtain specific details like the physical location of your computer, any activity that has occurred post-theft, and other important data that will aid us in working with local law enforcement to catch the thief and return your property to you.



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  • Hệ điều hành: Windows 8/7, Vista, XP (Service Pack 3)

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