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Macware MacFreelance

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You don't need to be an accounting genius to manage your own business finances with MacFreelance.

Spend less time on paperwork and more on your projects by managing your workload with MacFreelance. Easily add new clients, monitor time spent on projects, track mileage and payments, use international formatting, generate reports for record keeping, and more.

Print or email customizable invoices to get paid quicker and maintain a professional appearance. You can even add your own logo for a more polished look.

Features and Benefits

Easy client management

Client Overview
Keep track of the work you do for clients through income and expense statistics.

Time Tracking
Monitor the time you spend on one or more projects with easy-to-use timers.

Tax Calculations
Specify up to 4 taxes (two can be compounded) with tax names, rates and IDs.

Mileage Tracking
Track odometer or mileage readings for client projects requiring you to drive.

Payment Tracking
Manage client advances and project payments (credit card, check, web and more).

Mac Integration
Make your work easier with Address Book, iCal, Spotlight and .mac integration.

Create & maintain client lists

Setup multiple companies to bill from

Add fixed or timed charges

Bill in hours, minutes, days, weeks or months

Manage project timelines

Project timer

Customizable invoices

Report generation

Mileage tracking & reporting

Track payments

Robust tax support

International currency support

Integrates with Address Book, iCal & Spotlight

.Mac and local backup

Save reports as PDFs


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