MP3 CD Organizer

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MP3 CD Organizer

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 Organize all of your MP3 files
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MP3 CD Organizer

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  • MP3 CD Organizer

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MP3 CD Organizer

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MP3 CD Organizer is an organizer and mp3 player to manage todays evergrowing music collections. The software combines power and simplicity to help you do it all. Play, listen and edit your songs by searching among the files on your computer. Keep every audio file at your fingertips. And create playlists whenever you want by composing them yourself or letting MP3 CD Organizer generate them randomly, based on your personal preferences. Or add lyrics to your songs and use the built-in karaoke player. The software will keep your library in excellent condition by automatically adding new songs, removing deleted songs as well as downloading missing song information and album art.


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