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Giới thiệu Assimilate

ASSIMILATE® Inc. là nhà phát triển của SCRATCH®, một công cụ điện ảnh kỹ thuật số hàng đầu trong ngành tiếp tục cách mạng hóa ngành công nghiệp truyền thông và giải trí.SCRATCH cho phép các nghệ sĩ điện ảnh và phát sóng kỹ thuật số tạo ra các tờ nhật báo, tuân thủ, chỉnh màu và hoàn thiện trong một giải pháp mạnh mẽ, thân thiện với người dùng. Với SCRATCH VR, ASSIMILATE một lần nữa dẫn đầu trong việc cung cấp các bộ công cụ hàng đầu cho thế giới nhập vai mới nổi! ASSIMILATE đã trở thành một nhà sáng tạo trong điện ảnh kỹ thuật số kể từ khi thành lập gần 10 năm trước và là đối tác quan trọng đang diễn ra với một công ty đột phá khác trong ngành, RED.

Bạn có phải là nhà sản xuất phim truyện độc lập, cần một quy trình làm việc hậu kỳ DI toàn diện, từ đầu đến cuối với chất lượng không khoan nhượng? Hay bạn là một DIT cần một công cụ nhật ký và phân loại màu lý tưởng cho các yêu cầu độc đáo của sản xuất phim, phim và truyền hình?SCRATCH rất linh hoạt và toàn diện, nó thực sự được gọi là bưu điện trong hộp và là công cụ nhật báo toàn diện nhất. Được sử dụng trên hàng ngàn tính năng  / quảng cáo và biên tập trên toàn thế giới. Không có gì ngạc nhiên khi SCRATCH là công cụ đáng tin cậy, trưởng thành nhất mà bạn có thể mua cho quy trình công việc kỹ thuật số

Các sản phẩm của Assimilate


•The fastest and most interactive creative platform
•Dailies and Finishing
•Radically different, much better

Tính năng, đặc điểm

Project Management

• Construct: manage and group multiple timelines and shot versions
• Wide selection of project defaults and user settings
• Easily manage thousands and thousands of shots in a single project
• Media management as integral aspect of your project
• Manage and switch easily between shot versions
• Manage composite elements in Staging
• Manage all shot metadata; camera metadata, dailies references, user colored annotations, etc.
• Easy add/update metadata for multiple shots at any time using the Media Browser
• De-construct a timeline to create a unique media set
• Consolidate project media to move or archive a project
• Switch between Toolsets: Finish, Dailies, Review


• Single-view, dual-view, split-view, A-B view
• Range selection and playback
• Slip second view independently
• Preview on dedicated video-io, or through DualHead
• Playback of all VR-formats: Equirectangular, Cubic, Cubic Packed, Mesh
• 360-mode playback of 360 and 180° VR media for both, mono and stereo
• Audio Channel routing of up to 16 channels (input/output)
• Loop, Bounce, Once playback modes
• Playback speed (1x - 50x)
• Playback Cache
• Frame-, Clip-, Keyframe- and Notes-Navigation
• Create quick reference snapshots
• Customizable Viewport Layout
• Perspective view showing layer in Z-space
• Scene camera setup / animation for 2D and Stereo
• Play List - start SCRATCH as a Player with a (*.splx) playlist file

Render & Cache

• Create and manage an output tree with multiple resolutions, framerates, colorspaces, etc.
• Manage output templates with all your standard deliverables 
• Render any output (range) on the fly
• Cache single shots or the full timline


• Create custom Metadata tags
• Output file-naming and folder structure based on metadata
• DIT-report generation (incl. selection of all available clip metadata)
• Burn-in of all available metadata
• Quick-Entry menu for updating Scene and Take 
• Pre-defined QC notes to be applied through hotkeys
• Output templates and project defaults
• High Quality input and output scaling
• Background rendering
• Hardware accelerated h264/h265 decoding
• LTC detection in camera embedded audio
      Audio sync
• Automatically sync audio, based on timecode for smart-slate shoots and automatically import scene/take info from BWF file header 
• Semi-automatic sound sync through Waveform analyzer and spike finder
• Semi-automatic sound syncing with sync markers
• Manual sound syncing with millisecond-accurate audio slipping
• Automatic sync based on LTC


• Support for reading and writing HDR10 metadata into mp4
• Support for reading and writing VR-related metadata into H264
• Export h264/h265 essence streams for (BluRay-) mastering
• Create an output mastering tree using nodes to create versions of different resolutions, color spaces, framerates and even grades.
• (De-)interlacer Node
• Support for subtitle (.SRT, .STL) inside Burn-in Node
• Full ACES support
• Color Space management incl. PQ & HLG
• Waveform, Histogram, Vectorscope, Curvescope


• Easy Stereo Setup function to wrap shots in a stereo node for full stereo-workflow
• Manage Stereo Convergence
• Stereo Camera Scene setup per shot/scene; create single grading/comp layers in Z-space for both left/right eye.
• Manage Stereo tool: quick switch between left/right eye or grade and comp directly on master-stereo node
• Output any stereo pattern or separate left / right fifle sequences


• Capture live SDI-signal from camera
• Store looks incl. SDI metadata
• Add grades, incl. keys, OFX-plugins, composites to your live signal in realtime
• Stream the current live signal out to Facebook, Youtube, or a custom streaming server
• Capture other live rtmp streams to comp into your own live stream
• Optional: Capture and stitch individual live streams from ZCAM S1 (Pro) and K1 Pro cameras
• Capture external (ambisonic) audio


• Share projects between multiple systems in a single facility on shared storage
• SCRATCH online project repository to work with multiple artists simultaneously on a single project from places all over the globe.
• SCRATCH remote: connect multiple SCRATCH systems from all around the world for a creative grading session.
• Stream SCRATCH output directly to a media server for others to live view your creative work.
• Publish to SCRATCH Web, Facebook, Vimeo or YouTube to share content online and in a secure manner for review and approval.
• Sync Player: slave one or more SCRATCH players and (remote) control playback from the master system.



Format Support

      Source Media
• Uncompressed media (DPX, TIFF, TGA, SGI files from digital, tape or scanned sources)
• OpenEXR uncompressed 16/32-bit format support
• Other image sequence formats: JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, PNG 
      Camera Formats
• Sony F65/F55/F5 RAW, XAVC 4K, X-OCN, SONY SRFile (SStP) MXF 
• Canon C200/C500/C700 RAW (RMF & CRM), C100/C300/C500 MPEG2, XF-AVC MXF, XF-HEVC MXF, EOS 1D/5D/7D 
• Panasonic AVC-Intra MXF, Varicam V-RAW 
• RED REDCODE RAW (R3D) support incl. Weapon, Helium, Monstro and Gemini 8K 
• DNxHD/HR and Apple ProRes 
• Phantom Flex 4K .cine RAW
• Blackmagic RAW
• Apple ProRes RAW
• Cineform RAW 
• Kinefinity RAW (DNG & KRW)
• Cinema DNG (incl. Blackmagic, AJA, AATON, Bolex, Kinefinity, Ikonoskop, Panasonic, Pentax and DJI)
• DSLR Raw Photo formats
• H.264 (MP4, MOV & MXF up to 10 bit 4:2:2)
• H.265/HEVC (up to 12 bit)
      Encoding Formats
• Apple ProRes (ProRes 4444XQ, ProRes 4444, ProRes 422 HQ, Proxy, LT)
• Avid DNxHD/HR MXF,
• DNxHD QuickTime 
• H.264 (MP4, MOV and raw essence stream in 8 and 10 bit) 
• H.265/HEVC (MP4, MOV and raw essence stream in up to 12 bit) 
• QuickTime files with various codecs 
• AIF, AMB, w64, WAV broadcast wave audio files (BWF): mono, stereo and multi-channel, ambisonic audio

Ancillary Device Support

• SDI: AJA, Bluefish444, Blackmagic
• Control Surfaces: Tangent Wave/Wave2, Ripple, Element, CP200 and Avid Artist Color
• VR-Headset: Oculus, Vive and any Steam VR engine supported headset (also on Mac)
• Support for (multiple) RED Rocket and RED Rocket-X acceleration cards
• Wacom Pen & Tablet

Editorial / Conform

• Multi Layer Timeline editor (NLE)
• Conform: CMX EDL, AAF, XML
• Reverse Assemble
• Load and compare conform with Reference clip
• Export metadata including: CMX EDL, ALE, CDL, CC, HTML, CSV, XML
• Support for many AAF/XML effects, like Pan&Scan, Timewarp, etc.
• Batch-conform LUTs and CDLs based on clip metadata
• Scene Detection
• Flatten multi-layer timeline to single video track with video layers.
• Timewarp / Retimer


• Primary grade Lift, Gamma, Gain and CDL
• Unlimited layers of grades; free-form and pre-defined shapes
• 1D/3D LUT support: import / export
• CDL and CTL support: import/export
• Look management: Memory grades and Galleries
• Panel Support: Element / Wave / Wave2 / Ripple / CP200 / Avid Artist Color
• Masking
• Vectors, Curves
• Keyers: RGB, HSV, Chroma, Luma, Vector
• Support for third party OFX effect plug-ins
• Tracking: 1-point / 2-point and planar tracker
• Fill / matte layers
• Effect control animation + animation editor
• Blend modes for layers and tracks
• Realtime Bicubic image warper
• Node-based compositing
• Layer-based compositing in 3D-space
• High Quality Pan&Scan
• Vector Paint for scratch-, wire-, and rig- removal
• Node-based caching of heavy composites
• Action-/Title-safe guides incl. blanking
• Support for Autodesk Matchbox Shaders
• User-defined control surface mapping
• (Directional) Blur
• Color Channel Remapping
• Control Luma weights and Print Light settings
• Virtual Camera animation
• Multi-sampling modes and motion blur for smooth animations


• XML scripting for pipeline / third party software integration
• SPA effect plug-in interface (next to OFX)
• Custom Commands for pipeline integration
• Integrated script for round-trip workflow to After Effects
• Integrated script for round-trip workflow to Nuke






•Most comprehensive all-format pro Player around
•Render ProRes (incl. Win!), h.264 (8k), h.265
•Look creation and version management

Tính năng, đặc điểm

One Player to Rule Them All

Sixteen camera specific format players/transcoders or one universal tool that rules them all! The most responsive player with the most modest hardware requirements. The go to player for all things immersive, including HMD support on Windows and Mac. Going beyond just a media player, Play Pro supports: Look- and Metadata Management, dual screen / SDI output and rendering ProRes (both on OS X and Windows), H.264 up to 8k and 12 bit H.265. How any professional in the media industry has ever been able to live without Play Pro boggles the mind...

FEATURE LIST - Supported Formats

      Source Media
• Uncompressed media (DPX, TIFF, TGA, SGI files from digital, tape or scanned sources)
• OpenEXR uncompressed 16/32-bit format support
• Other image sequence formats: JPEG, JPEG2000, BMP, PNG 
      Camera Formats
• Sony F65/F55/F5 RAW, XAVC 4K, X-OCN, SONY SRFile (SStP) MXF 
• Canon C200/C500/C700 RAW (RMF & CRM), C100/C300/C500 MPEG2, XF-AVC MXF, XF-HEVC MXF, EOS 1D/5D/7D 
• Panasonic AVC-Intra MXF, Varicam V-RAW 
• RED REDCODE RAW (R3D) support incl. Weapon, Helium, Monstro and Gemini 8K 
• DNxHD/HR and Apple ProRes 
• Phantom Flex 4K .cine RAW
• Blackmagic RAW
• Apple ProRes RAW
• Cineform RAW 
• Kinefinity RAW (DNG & KRW)
• Cinema DNG (incl. Blackmagic, AJA, AATON, Bolex, Kinefinity, Ikonoskop, Panasonic, Pentax and DJI)
• DSLR Raw Photo formats
• H.264 (MP4, MOV & MXF up to 10 bit 4:2:2)
• H.265/HEVC (up to 12 bit)
      Encoding Formats
• Apple ProRes (ProRes 4444XQ, ProRes 4444, ProRes 422 HQ, Proxy, LT)
• H.264 (in 8 and 10 bit) 
• H.265/HEVC (in up to 12 bit) 

FEATURE LIST - Grade & Looks

• Basic CDL Grading
• Import 1D and 3D LUTs (.lut, .xml, .txt, .3dl, .cube)
• Import CDLs (.cdl, .cc), CTL (.ctl)
• Export 1D and 3D LUTs
• Export CDL as separate file or included in an ALE
• Clip versioning



• Vector Scopes
• Histogram
• Curves
• Waveforms
• Annotations: multiple colored notes per shot
• Metadata management: incl. add/update
• HDR - support HLG, PQ, HDR10
• HDR - generate mastering report, incl. Max FALL / CLL
• Play List - start Play Pro with a (*.splx) playlist file


• Single View, Dual View, Split View, A-B view
• SDI output (Blackmagic, AJA, Bluefish444)
• Range View, channel selectors
• Playback 360/180 equirectangular
• VR Headset support
• Audio Monitoring, Routing & Millisecond accurate slipping


• Render: Apple ProRes, h.264 (up to 8K), h.265
• Publish: SCRATCH Web/YouTube/Facebook/Vimeo
• Report generator, ALE metadata export
• Export timeline, including grade to full SCRATCH


• 3D180/360 support
• HMD support (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, all Steam VR based headsets)
• Ambisonic Audio support
• Publish to FB/YouTube 180/360





•Immersive Post Production – accessible to everyone
•Support for all major headsets
•Capture, paint and broadcast LIVE 360º and 180º

Tính năng, đặc điểm


Build the immersive world of your imagination

True Immersive Post Production – now accessible to everyone. SCRATCH VR supports all major headsets. Grade, composite, review - in 360, 180, mono, stereo, single view, dual view, immersive view - Live view - Any view! On heavy iron or just your laptop. On Windows and OS X. 

Grading and compositing an equirectangular image require specialized tools. The toolset in SCRATCH VR makes a sky-replacement or object removal in 360 just as clean and easy as in any regular 2D production. Always directly viewable in your headset, in the framerate and resolution you require and including (Ambisonic) audio to produce the full VR user experience you want your viewers to experience.

It's aLIVE!

Capture camera input from ZCAM, HLS stream or generic SDI input, stitch in realtime (ZCAM and HLS capture only), grade and paint in realtime, add still or animated overlays, add and sync external (ambisonic) audio, stream out again to Facebook/YouTube or custom streaming server. SCRATCH VR Live is a broadcast station in a box. 360, 180 mono/stereo, in any resolution.

Why start from SCRATCH

• You start by taking the full Dailies and Finishing toolset from SCRATCH (see here) and then you integrate VR into its core.
• Because of the most interactive interface and fastest toolset around, SCRATCH VR is ideal to maintain a true immersive experience during the creative process.
• Output in any format / resolution (h.264/5 up to 8k) to file or directly to FB/YouTube.



• Support format Equirectangular, Cubical, 360, 180, mono, stereo
• Auto-recognition of 360 / 180 metadata
• Quick update media metadata without metadata
• Auto detection of headset: Oculus, Vive, any Steam VR Engine supported headset
• Each view (primary, second/split) has its own 360 switch to view both spherical and flat at the same time.
• PanZoom tool for easy navigating in 360 view when no headset attached.
• Player controls inside the Headset to browse a timeline of VR media

FEATURE LIST - Edit, Comp & Grade

• Stabilizing 360, 180 media
• Adjust or animate Point of Attention of a 360 clip
• Create (free form) video layers that auto wrap in 360 so you do not create visible seams.
• Multiple stereo workflow: use direct over/under or side-by-side for quick setup or use stereo-node for easy comp/grading.
• Convert 2D image to equirectangular to include as filler/matte elements in a 360 or 180 equirectangular composite.
• Convert between various cubic variants and equirectangular
• Adjust and animate camera position in spherical projection to create motion inside the sphere.
• Stitch source media: based on stitching templates from Hugin, PTGui, Autopano or create your own template from scratch
• Support for Ambisonic audio

FEATURE LIST - ZCam Camera Integration & Live

• Live review/broadcast: including live stitch, realtime grade/comp, stream out.
• Capture external (Ambisonic) audio and sync with live view
• Direct file management from the camera
• Direct link to Wonderstich

FEATURE LIST - Render & Output

• Include VR metadata
• Create 2D version by creating animation pan in 360 sphere.
• Render H264 up to 8k, H265 up to 12bit
• Publish to SCRATCH Web for online review
• Stream out directly to FB/YouTube or custom Stream Server.





•Web Dailies - Online Review and QC platform
•Fast, secure, universal
•Including 360º and 180º media

Tính năng, đặc điểm


Shoot, Produce, Share

Having an easy and quick way to share your media and creativity with your client for review and QC no matter where they are, saves you (and your client) lots of time. SCRATCH Web is a simple cloud review platform that requires no installation or setting up for your client and is an integral extension of your SCRATCH project. Share a single shot or a full timeline with multiple versions per shot in one process.

Load client comments directly back into your local project. Regular 2D media or 180/360 immersive media. There might be more advanced review platforms out there - there is only one that makes it easy.


Brand Your Own SCRATCH Web Channels

Customize the SCRATCH Web portal with your own sub-domain and your logo on the logon webpage. Create a channel per client or per project to easily organize and manage high volumes of media and versions for your clients.


Fast, Secure, Universal

• Online review using any browser on any device.
• Manage security at the project, channel, timeline and shot levels. Limit access or time of access.
• Maintain a direct link between your local SCRATCH project and the online review media. Preserve all metadata and load all client feedback back into the local project for processing.
• Smart search allow you and your client to easily see only what they are looking for.
• Comprehensive reporting – create a shot-based outline of all metadata in the SCRATCH Construct™. Choose multiple formatting options and easily save to PDF.
• Share 360 and 180 equirectangular media and review in headset or in spherical view. in spherical view.


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