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MyChild by Reputation Defender scours the Internet for all references to users' child or teen - by name, photography, screen name, or social network profiles - and packages it to users in an easy-to-understand report.Worried about bullies? Concerned that your teens' friends and peers are posting inappropriate materials online? MyChild searches every corner of the Internet for traces of users' kids. Any users who want to help their teen manage their online reputation, but have felt powerless to do so: ReputationDefender is the answer.Teens have always cared about their reputations - their lives revolve around it. Today, the difference is that the Internet defines the reputation of a person. We search for information about each other constantly. Knowing what's online is part of parenting in the 21st Century because:

  • 26% of college admissions officers use search engines to research candidates
  • 64% of teens say that most teens do things online that they wouldn't want their parents to know about.

MyChild by Reputation Defender is the first online reputation management tool targeted for kids and teens, taking away the feeling of helplessness suffered by many parents who are worried about their kids being online.




  • An interactive monthly report found at that fully defines users' teen's up-to-date online reputation and is powered by ReputationDefender's powerful technology and human intelligence
  • A personal Search Agent who reviews the users' report and advises them or their teen on the teen's online reputation
  • Access to Reputation Defender's 'Destroy' assistance for $29.95 per Destroy



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  • Hệ điều hành: Windows 8/7, Vista, XP 

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