Panda Protection for Email Server

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Panda Protection for Email Server

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Real-time, real-world antimalware

Panda Cloud Email Protection protects against known and unknown viruses, spyware, botnets, phishing attacks, cross-site scripting, exploits, zero-day threats, and other email-borne malware in real time. Panda's unique cloud-based Collective Intelligence technology identifies and isolates malware before it reaches the network, delivering real-world, real-time protection around the clock. 

Guaranteed 99.99% spam-free email

Panda's spam filters uses heuristic, Bayesian, and content filtering technology to minimize false positives. The highly granular smart filter can be configured by user, company, or domain level, and learns over time what users perceive as spam. Attachments are filtered by content, and emails are filtered by connection (IP reputation, RBL, SPF, and global and local blacklists and whitelists) and by sender (domain and sender).

Ensure business continuity with built-in webmail

Even in the event of a mail server failure, business can continue to function thanks to Panda's integrated webmail service, which provides users access to their mail via webmail service, as well as 10 days of inbound email backup as an additional safeguard.

Maximum security and productivity

Domain-to-domain email traffic retains maximum security with the application of TLS encryption to all transmissions, and centralized traffic management security supports compliance with SOX, HIPAA, PCI, and other data privacy regulations. With zero latency, users are not kept waiting for email, don't waste time manually filtering out spam, and don't risk the organization's security by responding to phishing attacks.

Simple to deploy and implement

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) architecture means comprehensive email security can be in place in less than a day. User registration can be handled automatically through integration with OpenLDAP, Active Directory, and Domino; users can also be registered manually and from files. Infrastructure and maintenance are taken care of by Panda; there's no requirement for additional hardware or software in-house. Disclaimers and logos can easily be added to personalize the installation.

Customizable reports and security policies

Panda's consistent application of security policies across all users and devices, regardless of where those users are working, enables businesses to define what information can be sent out of the network and by whom. The Cloud Management Console applies policy changes globally in real time, ensuring comprehensive, up-to-date security enforcement at all times. Email traffic reports and statistics are available 24x7.


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