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Shoeboxed Lite

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Shoeboxed makes it easy to organize and manage your receipts for expense reports, tax returns, budgeting, and for returns and exchanges. We'll also help you organize your business cards for an easy way to manage your contacts. And since we do the scanning and data entry, you'll have all the data and organization but won't do any of the hard work. People sign up for Shoeboxed to organize and track their receipts and business cards. Not only do our customers want an easy way to organize their receipts and business cards, but they also want to make sure they have a secure backup of all this information. Shoeboxed can help with bookkeeping, tax returns, warranties, insurance claims, and keeping your contacts in order.

Shoeboxed Lite Annual Plan includes scanning 250 receipts & business cards plus 50 more per month.

Shoeboxed is the leading online platform for organizing receipts, business cards, and other documents (bills, invoices, statements). Users mail or e-mail in their documents, which Shoeboxed scans and loads into their secure online accounts. Receipts are automatically placed into 15 common tax categories, and are sortable by store name, date, total, and payment type. Users can easily export receipts to Excel, Quickbooks, Quicken, CSV, and PDF to maximize their deductions and streamline record keeping, expense tracking, and tax preparation. The contact information from business cards can be sent to Outlook, Tactile CRM, BatchBooks, Address Book, Plaxo, Salesforce, Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and many other applications.

Our alogorithms sort receipts by store, by date and by total amount. Shoeboxed also puts your receipts into expense categories automatically! You can also manually sort receipts into categories or projects of your choosing. All your receipts are organized in the same account, and you can organize them by date, totals, store, and any other category that you need. Tracking your spending through receipts gives you a complete overview of what you have been spending your money on. Having your receipts organized in place can also be extremely useful in obtaining insurance claims. When your possessions are lost, stolen, or damaged, and you want your insurance to cover their cost, most policies require that you cough up the receipt for you items to prove what they're worth.

Shoeboxed Features:

  • You send in receipts and business cards that we scan into your account
  • Automatic categorization of your receipts
  • Receipts sortable by store name, date and total
  • Send your receipts to Quickbooks, Excel, PDF, Quicken, Freshbooks, and Evernote
  • Import business card contacts to Outlook, Address Book, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail, and most other contact programs
  • Automatically generated statistics about spending
  • Shoeboxed email address for emailing receipts to your account

The IRS has been accepting digital (scanned) receipts since at least 1997 under certain conditions, all of which are met by the Shoeboxed organizational system. Receipts and business cards are usually processed within 1-2 business days after your envelope arrives at our headquarters. Processing can be delayed if your receipts are heavily wrinkled, folded, taped, or stapled, as this can disrupt our proprietary scanning and uploading processes. Bulk scanning orders can also take longer, depending on how large they are.


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