Very Large Image Manager

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Very Large Image Manager

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Phần mềm hỗ trợ ảnh Very Large Image Manager

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Very Large Image Manager works with Windows Vista and Seven only. VLIM is able to manage very large TIFF/RAW image in a very fast and frendly way. The first time that you want to see a very large image you need to import it into the catalogue and it takes about two minutes, but the next time you want to reopen the image it takes about three/four seconds. You can add notes and attach files in every place of the image for example to highlight details, attached files can be opened from VLIM. You can also extract portions of the image to file, to clipboard, send it via e-mail (with related notes and attached files), post it to Facbeook wall or set your desktop wallpaper with the image shown by VLIM. RAW files coming from devices of the following brands are supported: Adobe, AgfaPhoto, Apple, ARRIRAW, AVT, Canon, Casio, Contax, Creative, Epson, Foculus, Fuji, Hasselblad, Imacon Ixpress, ISG, Kodak, Leaf, Leica, Logitech, Mamiva, Micron, Minolta, Motorola, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Phase One, Pixelink, Pixelroid, Redcode, Rollei, RoverShot, Samsung, Sigma, Sinar, SMAL, Sony, and STV. To download VLIM you need to enable pop-up on this page, only in this way you can access to the download pop-up.


Are you having trouble dealing with very large TIFF image files while working under Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems? There are some applications that encounter difficulties managing a very large and high quality TIFF image and loading them will, most likely, cause them to lose some of their original quality. This is where the handy VLIM steps in to help you out. 

VLIM, short for Very Large Image Manager, is an easy to use piece of software that allows you to handle very large TIFF image files in a simple and efficient manner. All you have to do is import your photo to the catalogue so that you can view it in its original quality and in its full dimension that, most likely, won't fit the screen. In order to view certain areas of your loaded image, this intuitive application offers you two ways in which you can do that: you can either select the zone from the preview window (like a mini-map) or you can simply hold the left click and move your mouse over the full-sized picture. Keep in mind that, when loading a large file for the first time, it will take some time to import it, but, as soon as it is done, you will be able to reopen it at any time in just a few seconds. 

Besides allowing you to load and view the large image files, VLIM also provides you with additional information such as its name and original size, its width, height and bits, creation date as well as any description it might contain. In addition, with the help of this easy to use piece of software you can quickly add notes to your image (with a simple right click), save certain regions from your photo as individual image files or set the loaded picture as your desktop wallpaper in a simple manner. 

Not much more can be said about VLIM, besides the fact that it comes with a friendly and intuitive interface that makes the job of loading and managing very large TIFF image files as easy as a walk in the park. Using this convenient piece of software can prove to be quite useful when dealing with large astronomical maps or any other large and highly detailed image file. 

All in all, if you are looking for a easy and reliable piece of software that can help you quickly manage very large TIFF image files, then the simple VLIM is a great choice.


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