Visio Standard 2010 32-bit/x64 English Intl DVD - Microsoft Software

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Visio Standard 2016 32-bit/x64 English Intl DVD

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 Help you simplity complexity with dynamic
 Most powerful ways  to see
New ways to share on the web in real time

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VisioStd 2010 SNGL OLP NLVisio Standard 2010

Key templates and shapes to jump-start your diagramming

  • Brainstorming / mind maps
  • Cause and Effect / Ishikawa / Fishbone
  • Improved Cross-Functional Flowchart / Swim Lane
  • Organizational charts
  • Project Management diagrams including timelines and calendars, Gantt Chart and Pert Chart 

Key features for intuitive navigation and easy diagramming

  • New Auto Align & Space to align and position everything in the diagram or a selected area properly with a single click. 
  • New Containers to group related shapes logically and visually
  • New Copy & Paste to paste copied shapes exactly where you want them on the page
  • New Dynamic Grid to position shapes relative to one another more accurately and with minimal effort.
  • New Insert and delete shapes with automatic alignment and spacing. 
  • New Live Preview to see how formatting options such as themes, alignment, and positioning will look before applying them.
  • New Microsoft® Office Fluent user interface
  • New Page Auto Size to create larger diagrams with an expandable canvas that automatically resizes to adjust to your need
  • New Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar to add your most common shapes with a single click, without leaving the drawing page
  • New Quick Shapes stencil which contains the shapes from each open stencil Quick Shapes area in one convenient view.
  • New Shapes Window that makes finding and selecting the shapes and stencils you want much easier.
  • New Status Bar that helps you quickly adjust zoom level, switch into full screen, or switch between open drawings
  • New Themes Gallery to quickly create great-looking diagrams with pre-installed themes 

System Requirements for Microsoft Visio 2010 Standard

1024 x 768 or higher resolution monitor
Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later, 32-bit browser only
Internet functionality requires an Internet connection
Hard Disk 
2 GB available disk space
256 MB RAM; 512 MB recommended for certain advanced functionality
Operating System 
Windows 7, Windows Vista with SP1, Windows XP (must have SP3) (32-bit), Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 R2 with MSXML 6.0, or later 32- or 64-bit OS

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