3D AIM Animation

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3D AIM Animation

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3D AIM Animation

 Add unique pictures and animations to your web site, wallpaper, advertising, presentations, training materials, and cards. ExPress your creativity and artistic abilities. Easily create pictures with shadows, reflection, and perspective; animations with sound using multiple, textured 3D models on Backgrounds with 3D effects; and animations with moving backgrounds and Motion Blur effects. 1,000+ models available for registered users to download (Also available on CD). While the product is based on the advanced mathematics used in CAD/CAM systems, it is designed to be used by people of all ages and experience. Features: import function for VRML models with texture and color; 3D rotate, pan, and zoom; shaded or polygon display; user defined transparency, colors, textures, motions, orientations, light position, and sounds; 3D model editing including fixing common surface problems on 3D models and rescaling in x, y, or z dimensions; functions to Extract sub-models from a model; 3D effects for 2D backgrounds; special functions for quickly creating pictures, with 4 user selectable quality levels, from 3D models and backgrounds; user definition of depth and orientation for 3D models at arbitrary points on the animation path; special motion options including closed paths, circular paths, and rotations; depth specification for elements of backgrounds; functions for merging up to 30 model motions into realistic 3D movies with user-defined Frame counts; and table driven motion and sound editing.



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