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Phần mềm chỉnh sửa ảnh Clipper 

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Bộ sản phẩm bao gồm:

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  • HDSD
  • 1 license key/1PC

Clipper   is an easy-to-use screen Capture utility that supports saving images in image formats such as JPEG,PNG,animating and non-animating(GIF),Windows Bitmap(BMP),Enhanced Metafile(EMF) ,TrueVision Targa ,TIFF ,AVI ,ZSoft Bitmap (PCX)


-Easy-to-use user interface 
-Supports saving images in 9 different formats, including animating GIF and AVI 
-Changing the Hotkeys of capturing the screen and the Active Window 
-Saving with different types of settings with three user-selected hotkeys 
-Adding text, including Current date and time, to pictures 
-Changing the quality of JPEG and the compression level of PNG images 
-Automatic Print Screen simulation with a custom delay, starting after a specified time, and -stopping after a certain number of images 
-Multilanguage with easily translatable language files 
-Minimizing to system tray 
-Cropping and automatic resizing of captured images to user-selected size 
-Opening captured images in external programs, for example, Paint and PhotoShop 
-Adding other pictures to captured images 
-Adding mouse cursor to images 
-Setting the delay of GIF and AVI animations 
-Changing the Pixel Format (bpp) of Bitmap and TIFF images 
-Small description of every supported image format 
-Two effects: converting images to grayscale and inverting image colors 
-Starting automatically after logon 
-File output directory selection 
-Filename prefix and formatting selection 
-Creating a small web gallery of selected images 


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