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landlordmax property management software


LandlordMax Property Manager Software Review

LandlordMax Property Management software will allow you to keep detailed records of your tenants, expenses, income, repairs and all your financial transactions.

LandlordMAX has a very simple to use interface and is easy for almost anyone to use.  The setup time for LandlordMax is 15 minutes or less.

There is one price for no matter how big your operation is.  The price of this program does not escalate as the number of units you manage increases.

The first year you will receive all updates free of charge.

This program was developed for a single user that manages individually owned rental properties or for the manager that oversees income properties for other real estate owners.



  • The database saves information about tenants, renters, vendors and rental properties.
  • Rental property managers can track different landlords and supports commission payment.
  • You can track renters payments and find out if any of your tenants are paying late.
  • Send emails straight from LandlordMax to tenants, landlords, contacts and vendors.
  • Printing is supported for leases, work orders and reports.
  • Printing selections for invoices, work orders, account inputs and receipts.
  • Over 150 reports to evaluate how your income properties are performing.
  • Accounting entries for a building, landlord, tenant, vendor and expenses and income.
  • Cash flow for one building or unit, landlord, tenant, etc.
  • List of vacancies grouped by building
  • Late accounting entries for a tenant, landlord or building



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