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Veritas Enterprise Vault

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- Bảo vệ Virtual, physical, and cloud

Veritas Enterprise Vault

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  • Veritas Enterprise Vault

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Classify what you retain

Make informed decisions about what information to keep while deleting the irrelevant

  • Allow users to make decisions and eliminate guesswork through automation
  • Improve productivity by streamlining supervision, search, and discovery
  • Simplify migrations by reducing your storage footprint beforehand


Execute your retention management strategy

Implement a policy-based framework regardless of user behavior

  • Meet business and regulatory information retention requirements
  • Decrease risk by expiring information at the end of its useful lifecycle
  • Adapt your strategy broadly or granularly when needed to address evolving policy


Find the information you want quickly

Simplify monitoring, search, and discovery

  • Improve compliance through sampling and reviewing electronic communications
  • Access archived information when and where you want
  • Respond confidently to discovery or investigation requests



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