Visual Money

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Visual Money

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Visual Money is smart and easy-to-use personal budgeting software. It is not overloaded by useless features and has simple and nicely-looking interface. Visual Money is powerful enough to give you full control on your finances. It supports income and expense categories, multiple accounts, payee tracking. It builds really nice reports and has password protection and backup utilities.

It is not complex
Visual Money is not like its huge competitors. It is not overloaded by useless features and thus it is very convenient and user-friendly. You should not be computer savvy or financial guru to use this program. It has intuitive user interface. You should not think on buttons you need to press, you are focused on one thing - your personal budgeting.

Categorize your spending, see where your money goes
It is common for people to divide their incomes and expenses into categories, e.g. car maintenance, tax payments, dividends from shares, etc. We encourage you to do the same with Visual Money. It is created to work effectively with any kinds of categories and view variety of financial reports.

Use multiple accounts
You have real freedom of creating and controlling any type of accounts. Visual Money accounts reflect you real-world bank accounts, cash, investments, savings or any other type of money accounts. You can create your Visual Money account with just a mouse-click. You can have dozen of accounts in Visual Money.

See all the ins and outs of your home budget, use reports
Different types of reports using tables and graphs make your home budgeting easy to understand. By using different types of filters, you can choose the information you want to focus on. Visual Money enables you to see your cash flow for any required period of time, even organized by accounts, categories, and payees.

Track whom you pay
Use payees field to see whom you pay.

Share budget with others?
Unique feature of Visual Money is spender support. It makes your home budgeting even more effective. You can track who exactly earns and spends money in your family.

And more features!
You can import and export data into external (QIF - Quicken Interchange Format) data files. This feature can be useful if you used other personal budgeting software before or took your transaction history from your bank. Reliable password protection and backups guard your information. All data is stored in password protected profiles. You can easily load your profile when the program starts and do not need to care of disk files.

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